What to do with your old mobile

I was reading on the BBC website about recycling your old mobile phone. Most of us get new phones as regularly as we can and apparently the old phone is often either scrapped or put away in a drawer. The BBC site features a recycling company offering money for your old phone so just out of idle interest I checked what they give you…. and felt the need to put pen to paper.

SELL IT ON EBAY. Ever year I get a new phone (I’m on monthly contract and if you’re not you should ask yourself why not unless you’re spending less than £20 a month on your phone). I spend around £35 a month, have never paid for a phone yet and every time I sell the old phone I get at least £70-£100 for it.

Here’s the trick – firstly, get the latest most popular phone you can – and check it’s price with the likes of Expansys first. Just because a phone costs little or nothing with your mobile company means nothing – any half-decent smartphone costs hundreds of pounds retail.

As SOON as your new phone turns up – get the old one on sale – the longer you keep them, the less they are worth. ALWAYS use screencovers and keep your phone in a cover, people don’t like buying scratched phones. When you sell it, include a photo and if you’ve kept it in good condition, be sure to SAY SO.

That’s it really, it doesn’t matter if it is locked to a particular company like Vodafone as many buyers know how to get phones unlocked. Why contribute to landfill or filling up your old cupboards when you can enjoy a cash benefit from your old mobile.