Clipboards and capturing the Screen

Peter Scargill

Capturing bits of screen and storing them temporarily seem to be tools of the trade for me – I could not imagine NOT having these facilities. I tend to use pictures a lot when explaining stuff as “a picture is worth 1000 words” as they say. For some time now I’ve been using a product called Clipmate (version 7) which is nice and easy to use, you hit a key combination, select the area on the screen you want to save and Bob’s your uncle – it’s stored in a clipboard – or rather in a database – and you can easily store multiple items and get them back readily.

Today I took it off my computer. Quite often, products start with the right intentions and then someone loses the plot. In this case it’s the database – no matter what I did, every power up of the PC, Clip

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mate would start up and archive it’s database – wasting precious time – it’s a screen grabber for heaven’s sake.

The other problem I’ve always had with this program is grabbing images or web pages that are larger than the screen.  It’s a real pain grabbing multiple images and putting them back together into one.

Anyway, gripe over, I’m here to tell you about two other products I’m now using – one is free, the other is around £26. Together they do the job nicely.

The first is called CLIPBOARDS and is simply a program that allows you to CUT or COPY to multiple clipboards instead of one.

imageHere’s the picture – should just about explain it all…

As you can see, you have 9 clip-boards to play with – it’s THAT simple. Simply select which clipboard you want to use by pressing ALT1-9 and go ahead.

So now you can keep bits of graphics floating about for re-use at the touch of button.  Clipboards is free from the site above. They also have some other useful utilities which I’ve not had time to check.

In order to make use of this you need something to clip bits of screen of course and my requirements include any arbitrary part of the screen, the whole screen and something that might be LONGER than the whole screen – like a web page for example.

imageAlong comes MR CAPTOR

There’s a 30 day trial – I just bought it (I was that convinced, I bought the program) and it is wonderful. As you can see, it captures any arbitrary area – it can also capture any arbitrary SHAPE – AND can manually, semi-automatically or automatically capture any WINDOW – and if that window has a scroll bar, it will run down the scroll bar and put together an image in the clipboard of the entire area even though it may exceed screen size. What can I say – marvellous. Check out both of these programs if you write manuals or have a need to manipulate parts of the screen.

I should perhaps in passing say that for most of my simple image processing – ie stuff where just a bit of colour change is needed, perhaps a crop and re-size, I don’t think you can beat FastStone Image viewer but I’ll leave you to investigate that.

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