Another Blow for Freedom

I am sure when you read this you’ll wonder if the government have taken leave of their senses.

Sometime in March, if you believe the press, the government will use our tax money to insist that ISPs keep track of our emails. The Home Office apparently insists that the measure is vital for fighting cybercrime as well as combating terror plots.  They say that the stored information does not include the contents of emails… well no, not yet! But then they also said no new taxes!

Given that they have ADEQUATELY and repeatedly demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to look after a paper bag, never mind our data (the magazine article states some examples but I’m sure you all remember various incidents of lost data), I think we should all be PETRIFIED about this.

Can you imagine a list of everyone you’ve contacted recently ending up on the black market on a DVD for competitors to see? How about private, personal conversation or important business dealings?

The argument about this measure being vital for fighting crime is RUBBISH – clearly any terrorist with even half a brain would use temporary email addresses or instant messaging taking steps to cover their tracks. Only the DIMMEST would actually send an email from their regular address.  Sadly, honest businesses and many individuals simply can’t go switching email addresses and providers.

So, Once again, ordinary, decent citizens are having their pockets and privacy invaded to satisfy the needs of a paranoid government!

Oh and if they think you’re going to make trouble they will be able to hack your computer without a court order – does this begin  to sound like the USSR to you?

And as if to prove the point that the public sector is not fit to keep our data  – today’s news… ANOTHER 5,000 patient records lost – this time sitting on a laptop that “went missing. You have to wonder in these days of mobile Internet (I’m typing this on my laptop at the airport – no local copy of this document exists) what on EARTH are they doing with actual databases sitting on a laptop!!!!  This kind of thing happens time and time again.


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