Publishing Powerpoint with Sound

Sounds easy doesn’t it. Make a set of Powerpoint slides.. get a recording, add some background music… convert to Flash – put it on the web.

Well if you’ve managed this successfully with anything over a few slides – do let me know because I’ve just had one HELL of a time with this.

We started with 40-odd slides, added a 6 minute sound track of someone talking. We bought in a 2 minute music track. All we had to do was put them together. Doddle, really?

We put the Powerpoint slides together in Powerpoint 2007 and then I tried using MediaStudio Pro (Ulead) to edit together the voice track and 3 overlapping copies of the music. The reason for using MediaStudio (no I’m not using a MAC and don’t plan to so please don’t say “use a MAC”) was that it allows for easy audio envelope control to fade the music in and out as the speaker is talking… well, it’ll handle one music file and one speech file fine – and when editing it handled the 3 copies of the music file – but somehow when it came to SAVING the lot, the music ended up finishing half way through the presentation!!!!

That was THAT brilliant idea… I looked at a package I recalled from years ago called MULTIQUENCE and sure enough it’s still out there. Brilliant – armed with overlapping copies of the music track it is a piece of CAKE to put the whole sound scenario together.

So I added the one sound file to Powerpoint, got the timings of the slides all set up and then tried various packages that promised to convert Powerpoints to FLASH. Not ONE of them kept the whole lot in Sync!!

What was the solution?

EXPORT the slides as PNG files from Powerpoint, IMPORT to MediaStudio Pro with a single sound file made in MULTIQUENCE – adjust timings-  save…. send to BLIP.TV.

The result – a perfect FLASH video synced completely accurately!

If you’ve a better solution – do let me know.

Peter Scargill


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