The GOM Player

I’ve been a fan of VLC player for years and recommend it to lots of people – and it’s fine – about the only comment I could make is that it’s user interface could do with a little polish (Update: they’ve just released version 1.0 of VLC which can now record video so it’s still worth checking into). It is faster than Media Player and more powerful – and until now there was nothing out there that might make me think twice..  and then along came GOM Player.

GOM Player

Apart from an ad button on the front which doesn’t really get in the way, the editor is the smoothest thing I’ve seen to date – it is fast, clean and efficient – GOM controlsbut powerful like VLC.  On the one hand you have really simple controls… on the other, a simple right-click produces a vast array of fine tuning from snapshot, aspect ratio (again missing in Media Player), pan and scan, there is a graphic equaliser, playlist editor.. and it all just seems to WORK.

More on this one later but for now – it’s worth grabbing the GOM Player just to compare with VLC.




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