Windows 7 RTM on the EEE 904HD

Yesterday morning as the MSDN notification came through, I started the download of the official release of Windows 7, having previously had the BETA on my 094HD laptop. I’m up in the wilds of Andalucia at the moment so it took all day to download!

Once the download was complete, I put the files onto a memory stick and had several attempts to make this stick bootable on the 904 – all without success, so eventually decided to just try the SETUP file.  As expected, UPGRADE was not allowed from the BETA and so I elected to do a new installation.

The installation went without a hitch. When Windows 7 finally came up – the only thing that was not working was the screen driver, so the EE found itself running at 800*600.  Sleep mode seemed to be missing – so I went to START-PROGRAMS and ran the WINDOWS UPDATE. This immediately pulled in the right screen driver and after a couple of resets the screen was fine – and the SLEEP mode was working.

I then installed SKYPE and AVG. Skype went without a hitch including video and audio – but AVG free installer kept failing – eventually I just downloaded the EXE file and ran that – AVG installed no problem.

To do? Well, I need to install Office 2007 and my favourite screen-grabber MWSNAP – and Life Writer so I can continue this with some screen-grabs –  will continue this article as I progress – but first impressions-  it just works – but there’s a long way to go – more later.

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