If Only Advertisers were Honest!


Special Solar Lights – Not WORTH a Light


  • Fairly bright white LED for 5 minutes
  • Powered by the sun if there is any
  • No-where NEAR weatherproof
  • Auto-sensor – turns on FAR too early
  • Cheap plastic construction, will fade and crack
  • Old-fashioned NICAD battery inside
  • Rubbish Chinese junk

Please note: Output depends on sun, as these are pointing up and the UK sun is NEVER directly overhead, we waste most of the sunlight so don’t expect much.


2 thoughts on “If Only Advertisers were Honest!

    • Yes batteries are a problem – I have loads of different AA and AAA ones – different manufacturers and to the last if you leave them in a tray for a few weeks doing nothing they lose most of their charge!!!

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