iPhone DOES have Limits

A portrait of Peter Scargill

I’ve already hit the limit with iPhone Apps – 175 of them – won’t let me put any more on. There are those who say it’s something to do with performance, though I don’t see it myself as you only run programs one at a time. But there you have it – the iPhone 3GS – 9 pages of apps, that’s your lot. Well, that’s not STRICTLY true – you can only have 9 pages of apps on the MENU – you can have LOADS more as long as you’re happy to use the search function to find them! This will be fixed in the forthcoming version 4 upgrade.

Until recently there was a great APP for streaming your music selection onto your iPhone – one I planned to use over in Spain without dragging my entire collection over there. The program called SIMPLY MUSIC – is now dead. Having taken our money, the designers have shut down features and removed the APP from the iTunes store.. effectively they’ve “done a bunk” – which is not nice.  So I’ve been on the hunt for alternatives: An EXCELLENT program called AIR VIDEO lets you stream unconverted video to the iPhone – sadly it wont’ work for tunes. iPlayAnywhere will let you stream audio but their APP is awful and crashes frequently. Also tried TVersity – that works but it’s not pretty AT ALL…

Update: StreamToMe and it’s PC server software works a TREAT for all your video and music – I’ve asked them about including photos and apparently they’re working on it.. check this out…

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