HDR Panoramas

Ok, happy with HDR (high dynamic range) – and seen panoramas (wide screen images often made from multiple normal images)  but both??

HDR Panorama of Hollyberry Cottage kitchen

Here’s a picture I took some time ago. Note that you can see the inside of the room perfectly clearly AND the outside as well. That’s a feature of HDR – multiple photos combined into one to make up for lack of dynamic range in cheaper cameras. But then why is the image all curved? Because this one is made out of 16 separate HDR shots – put together as a Panorama!

How? The images were shot using a simple Apple iPhone 3GS using HDR PRO. They were then automatically assembled into a panorama by Serif’s Panorama Plus. The original image was very high quality and thousands of pixels across but I’ve shrunk it down for the web. Suffice it to say that this was taken with ambient lighting – NO special effects and NO touch-up. The resulting view (apart from the curves) pretty much reflects what you see in reality – as against the often stark images that cheaper cameras produce as they are unable to handle either the width you need to show a complete room – or the massive differences between external light and that which filters into the room.

I’ll run through some step-by-step examples as soon as I get a little spare time. There are a lot more images than this on the Hollyberry Cottage Holiday Rental site http://www.hollyberry-cottage.co.uk