The SAD Light lives

After more hours than I care to think about – the SAD light nears conclusion – just need a decent socket arrangement for the back and a few last minute tweaks.

The little box you see has no less than 2 micros in it (as you can’t get 10-bit PWM from one – so a second controls a chip designed for the job and talks to the first over i2c) – the 4 rolls of LED strip take in total more than 50 watts if all on at once and look deceptively dim because the 4 metres of strip in each case is wrapped up in a roll (and the white is almost off).

Just got some last minute software tidy up to do, this small unit has a display showing time, date, alarm time and other info and is controlled by an infra-red remote. In it’s day job it controls 3-colours of LED to produce soft or intense light in any of a wide range of colours – but it’s early morning job, over a period of 20 minutes, is to take the room – or more specifically the top of the bed, from darkness through soft early morning light – to bright, white powerful light – hence the SAD light!

One project finished 2 more on the go – the Ethernet thermostat has had 3 weeks without a single failure (Ethernet based control unit with serial data to LCD head unit soon to acquire ultrasonic presence detection)… and the 8-relay Ethernet controlled board (with short-range radio controlled 2-relay extension) has equally been trialling without issue for 2 weeks – not quite sorted a case for that yet.

SAD light


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