Raspberry Pi for You, Sir?

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee. AT LAST… I was beginning to doubt this would ever happen. I an almost smell the excitement I felt when my first Sinclair Mk14 was on it’s way (mind you most of that smell was components overheating).

As predicted, most people by now will have forgotten what the hell a Raspberry Pi is – after all the initial excitement back in February… so a reminder…. a sub-£30 computer board complete with Internet, TV interface, open source software and development tools. This has a chance to allow schools to do something for IT other than simply teach spreadsheets, to give the next generation a fighting chance to compete with the Chinese (though don’t hold your breath). More’s the point, if it ends up running XBMC properly (X-Box Media Centre) -  I get to reclaim a LAPTOP currently doing the job!

Just in time for the holidays as well. Dunno how I’m going fit my oscilloscope in the travel bag, though Smile

IF this remains sub-£30 and IF it really does allow for development of complex Internet-connected gadgets, there is just SO much future for this little toy.  Keep eyes peeled, as soon as it turns up I’ll get something in here. Expect an update maybe Saturday morning.


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