Lies, More Lies and Solar Chargers

Thought you might find this interesting… one of the dangers of people selling things they don’t understand.

In this advert is what looks like a very nice solar charger from a company called DracoTek. It offers “11200mAH High Capacity Solar power charger with flashlight

Lovely looking device- just the thing for the traveller… Ignoring the flashlight – 11,200mAH – that’s 11 ampere-hours – that’s more than an alarm lead-acid battery – and from the sun, no less.

But here’s the catch… they claim it will charge in 3 hours from the mains or 11-12 hours from the sun.

To charge an 11aH battery assuming 100% efficiency (impossible)  – you need 11 amps for an hour so let’s say 12 amps – Or  6 amps for 2 hours, or 3 amps for 4 hours etc…. but the spec says the adaptor can only output 2 amps max.. that’s 6 hours, not 3. And solar – that’s asking a lot from a solar panel a mere 160mm by 90mm.

I wrote to them with these questions…

I have a question. According to the spec, the charge current on mains is 2 amps max. It’s an 11+A/H battery. That indicates 6 hours charge assuming high efficiency AT BEST. But the spec ALSO says it takes only 3 hours to charge?? How is that?
Will it really fully charge in under 12 hours sunshine only?

Also I’m not seeing a 5v output which would be needed to charge, say the iPhone in the example. The spec shows only 4.2v, 8.4v etc… no 5v??

The response??

“I am sorry that i can not be support with it, thanks.
Best regards

Always check the specification intelligently before buying!


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