iPhone Camera Replacement

I have to say, I thought I was pushing my luck here.

My iPhone camera developed a blur – it wasn’t the lens cover as I’d already put a brand new back on it – it was the lens.  Apple wanted 160 quid – then I found someone to replace the camera for under £30 and just as I was about to do that I spotted this item on Ebay and I thought… why not.

Armed with miniature screwdriver I have just successfully disassembled the iPhone, took the battery out, replaced the camera, put all back together and presto – working camera. Hard to believe at that price – but it works perfectly.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – try clicking on the image:

Image taken with replacement iPhone camera

Here’s the link for the camera:


Here’s the YouTube disassembly instructions – not mine – someone took the chance before me.

Replacing iPhone camera

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