Raspberry Rip

When the Raspberry Pi came out I had one on order straight away. This was the future, so they said. It turned up several months later – rubbish operating system, almost no library material out there.

Remember this? this is straight from the website today..tmpF063 There it is, less than 20 quid for a computer.. Sounds sensible – gives even Arduino a run for it’s money, right?

Well, that’s the theory – but a quick trip even to Amazon website in the UK reveals something different..


Sorry, what…… £40?? You could buy a cheap TABLET from China for that – and include the screen for heaven’s sake?

Perhaps if and when there is a proper environment for it and the price actually drops (no doubt importing from China) then it may be time to look again, until then…

One thought on “Raspberry Rip

  1. Try the actual suppliers – Farnell charges £27. As for the operating system… any Linux distro compiled for ARM works. Almost any software for Linux works.

    Oh, and it’s now made in Wales.

    I find your lack of fact checking disturbing.

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