Over in Spain, I recently found myself needing to look up a web page on the move.  After receiving text after text from THREE as you do overseas, I finally succumbed to the one that said “Get online as much as you like in the EU for just £5 a day with the Euro Internet Pass”.

I paid my money  – and sure enough the phone could browse the web – but phone browsers don’t work with all websites and the airline site was no exception – so I switched on the laptop and shared the phone connection with it as I do all the time back home.

A THREE-generated page popped up to say this was not allowed.

Do phone companies EVER get sick of misleading the public? How can “get online as much as you like” mean anything other than what it says? This bunch are no better than Orange when it comes to the massaging the truth in advertising.

I can see another round of calls to the Indian call centre who don’t have a clue.


One thought on “The THREE EU Pass

  1. I’ve given up with call centres – I just write a letter instead. You know it has to be read by an actual person in the UK, and it gives you chance to set out your problem and desired solution in an eloquent way. (Plus, it saves time… I found this because I started writing letters while on hold!)

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