Samsung Galaxy Camera

by Peter Scargill

The Samsung Galaxy camera is the first of it’s kind, a real camera with the back-end of an Android phone (minus the phone) and it’s bang up to date with Ice-cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.  Already however there are misleading items out there so I thought I’d step in.

No you can’t put the Apps into external memory right now – so first things first if you buy one of these – get some external MicroSD and make sure the camera is putting the images in there (it won’t by default, you have to go into settings).

Most of the camera Apps out there are no really set up for this – for example HDR Pro which I use a lot has no options for 16:9 format which seems a bit odd. Hopefully all of this will change after Christmas once sales of the camera pick up – and they will.

Battery – well, if you’re used to a camera battery lasting months, forget it – you’ll need to charge this like any other Smartphone or turn it completely off when not using (which then introduces a power-up delay of a few seconds). It eats batteries. My solution – Ebay, 2 batteries+charger for £12.

As for features – it’s chocker- everything from night shooting through simple HDR to panoramas – all built in – and no you can’t use it as a phone, yes you can watch YouTube, run Skype, get your email, everything you’d expect from a device with Android, 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS. It comes with a PAYG SIM (for those times you just MUST jam a picture on Facebook and don’t have WIFI) – I’ve not paid but it does work so they must be giving the first month for free…

Here is a reasonable source of information: