4K TV is Coming

Well, there’s a turn-up for the books – 4K TVs (we don’t broadcast anything of that quality yet in the UK) – only months ago a bit of a novelty in the larger shopping centres are about to become centre stage as every large manufacturer at CES is demonstrating. It would appear their marketing resources will be heavily pointing in that direction real soon. If you’re not familiar with this technology, Japs have had it for a while, this is ULTRA-high def TV way beyond the current LCD TVs. Along with OLED this is the future of TV, offering such quality that you can hardly see the dots from a foot away on the larger screens and not at all on the smaller ones – and PROBABLY more important than 3D which has hardly seen stunning success. 

It’s about time – we’ve been watching TV of considerably lower quality than our laptops for some time but now with 4K TV you have a machine with more dots than the best laptops or tablets.

For those not keeping up… your average laptop has maybe 1,200 pixels across – the larger ones have 1,920 across. Tablets are generally worse but the likes of the Nexus 10 has 2.5K across – producing a staggeringly good quality display. Well, the new TVs which are still too expensive for most of us – have 4,000 pixels across which even on a large screen is stunning. Of course this means WAY more bandwidth needed to transmit and way more disk space to store… but for those who want the best experience…

Wikipedia as usual has a nice description for those who need to know.



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