123D Circuits for a bit of fun

If you want to have a little bit of fun with electronics and basic programming without actually having to buy or make anything, head on over to 123D circuits website where they have an emulator for the Arduino Uno and other chips and components. You can even write a program and run it on your virtual breadboard.  It’s no perfect, the fact that the microchips run on a 9v battery whereas in reality they’d blow up at somewhat over 6v – so you have to give them a little artistic licence (though WHY they picked a 9v battery I do not understand)… In this example, I originally made a simple traffic light sequence but then ramped the speed up to 1Khz and according to the virtual scope, it’s still working – all this in a web page for heaven’s sake!!

Good fun with meters, scopes, pushbuttons and more.



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