Rip Off Britain

THIS is why I don’t buy British…

tmp17B5Check this little guy out…|pcrid|43201098608|kword|apds%209960|match|p|plid|&gclid=Cj0KEQiA-PGiBRDRz4jH9o39yZwBEiQAWCBZNdFNyrdOPGpqTeBonxIhqqXqm2OWLevTbUWKuKRAxnsaArb08P8HAQ

Marvellous little piece of kit by the look of it, the APDS-9960 Proximity/Gesture sensor..  it’s a tiny proximity detector that does gesture recognition – i.e. up, down, left, right – how great is that for gadgets/// and only £3.18 as well – what a bargain… except, no. By the time you add the VAT on and the postage – the total comes to over £8 – that is just a rip – they could stick it in an envelope for 50p. So, as usual I’ll wait until it’s available from China for a couple of quid and buy some. If anyone has found a cheap source do let me know. That’s going straight onto my thermostats to off hands-free temperature control!!


One thought on “Rip Off Britain

  1. Not if you actually want to get them in a reasonable timeframe — Farnell is the only one that’s got these now(!) — they’re nowhere in distribution even in the US. SiLabs and Vishay (at least) have vaguely similar parts that may fit the bill for you though, if you care.

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