ESP8266 Alternative?

USR-WIFI232-TThe ESP-01 and similar boards offer a great hope to many in terms of offering cheap WIFI for low-cost projects. Certainly at around £3 if they ever work correctly they will be amazing – up to now there are lots of –people talking about them, there are several projects out there but the software remains buggy and no sign of the manufacturer fixing it.  So are there alternatives? Sure – if you want to pay – but then that quite defeats the object.

Here’s something – I’ve no tested any of these but they’re worth a second look. There’s a blog on the subject of the USR-WIFI232-T here (shown on the image on the left) and an Ebay link here. Personally for now I’m sticking with my ESP-01 boards in the hope we can sort out issues with them – but the boards referred to here look like they are streets ahead technically in that they have their own proper setup pages. See the blog for more info.

Right now the the ESP8266 has no ability to set  a fixed IP, it has no web based user interface and a myriad of little bugs and semi-English mistakes – if you need something better then the USR-WIFI2323-T may be at consideration but at well over twice the price and needing an external aerial, no these are not a direct alternative – but for some they might be the solution to a problem! Enjoy… 


2 thoughts on “ESP8266 Alternative?

  1. I’m with you on this – it looks great.. but at that price… I think for many things (like turning a light on and off) that’s starting to get a tad expensive… Nice to know and nice to have the link on here so others can benefits – thanks!

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