ESP8266 Current State of Affairs

As the weekend begins, here’s where we are as far as I can tell with the ESP8266 WIFI board. The LUA-based software I refer to elsewhere is showing promise. I could not get the web client to work (first thing I tried) but I’ll try again this weekend. I have questions.. Why only 9600 baud, how much space is available for programs in there, how much space for variables?  I’d be happy to put a board together to expose the remaining pins on a 0.1” header if I thought this was viable.  Then there is the “Frankenstein” firmware also referred to in another blog item here. I get all manner of strange control characters appearing when I use that (as well as valid data) and I can’t get it to connect to my routers. I’ve commented twice but the author either isn’t getting my comments or figures I’m too thick to respond to. And then there is the original v9.2.2 software from the designers. That is the ONLY software to date that to my knowledge actually works, BARRING the “busy…s” problem, which may or may not be less prevalent at really high speeds but really does need fixing – and of course, “Chinglish” messages like “no is fun” etc.

So with the original software I can make a simple on-off light app but I would not want to rely on it – using a simple TCP socket. With the other two sets of firmware I’m not yet able to make a decent application. It’s so frustrating as the little boards have so much potential (not to mention any boards we may make ourselves). I have a Windows-based compile setup but the last part of it will not work – I finally figured out that you have to set the path THEN open a DOSBOX… and so now my computer knows about the ESPTOOL but..

Before I twigged..


And now..


I’m hoping the weekend brings more improvements and will report back if I spot any. Meanwhile if anyone has any idea what’s wrong with the above image… do let me know.


2 thoughts on “ESP8266 Current State of Affairs

  1. Hm, didn’t see your comments about failing to connect. Try the latest binaries, and if that doesn’t work – drop me an email with all your network settings.

  2. See latest, binaries don’t work. Constant loop. Incidentally I know it sounds like people are griping when these things happen – we’re not – we’re just hoping you’re the first to come up with a working solution so badly needed 🙂

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