ESP8266 Alternative Firmware More Updates

Regular readers will know I’m desperate to get reliable code working for my little ESP-01 boards which run just fine until they don’t on the regular software thanks to a lockup situation (and the error messages are inconsistent).

I’ve just tried the Frankenstein code from here – binaries updates 20 minutes ago  -but I’m getting a power up loop. As you’ll see there’s a fatal exception here. The 2 binaries run at 0 and 0x9000 respectively and there output is here. So for now I’d wait for the next time around to experiment with this.


That’s it for tonight, nothing new from Espressif – their new software won’t change baud rate from 9600 and no updates today. If anyone knows of other updates worth looking at, do reply in here.

Not so good for today, but at least my Nexus 10 update to Lollipop is working well!


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