S4 Battery Eaten by Search

Ok, maybe that was an extreme title.. but the past few weeks, despite having a large battery fitted to my Samsung S4 phone, it’s been getting warm a lot and the battery hasn’t’ been lasting a day. I figured that maybe the battery was on it’s way out – after all they don’t last forever.

So yesterday I went back to the standard battery and we went shopping… when we left the house in the afternoon the battery was at 75% and by mid-evening it was DEAD. What on EARTH was going on here?

Well this morning I decided to drink way too much coffee and investigate. If you head off to settings, more, battery, you get an indication of which apps/bits are using up power… I would have expected the screen to be taking up most of the power as I tend to like bright screens (I can’t see the point of buying a phone with a great screen only to run it at half mast). NOPE – Google Search would you believe was creating 40% of battery drain and phone standby the next 22%.  I figured it might be the “OK GOOGLE NOW” App I’d just fitted to have the phone respond to me at any time – uninstalled that, no difference. Turns out it’s often Google Now itself! I deleted that, no, still high but then I read that recent updates were the guilty party – so I tried uninstalling the search-  it came back to offer to revert back to factory setting for search – I agreed and VOILA – the search no longer even figures in the battery life graphs – how bad is THAT!! Thanks Google!!!

So now the phone standby is the big one – that’s easy I can use flight mode when I’m at home as there’s no signal here, but I reckon that one change has probably doubled the life of my battery! The third highest was speak and drive – an app I don’t even use!! I deleted that and now I’m down to the usual suspects but my reported power consumption has dropped dramatically. I won’t know for a day or so if the reporting was accurate of course.

Worth a couple of minutes of your time if you have an Android phone to wander off down to settings – battery and see what’s eating YOUR battery?


2 thoughts on “S4 Battery Eaten by Search

  1. Peter, Greetings from Canada!

    I ran into your blog after looking for info online about the ESP8266. I ordered a few for a project, and hoping to receive them sometime this week or next. From the looks of it, getting this little bugger working might be a bit more difficult than anticipated.

    Anyways, I love the blog, keep up the great work!

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