More ESP8266 Goodness

ESP-01I’ve only just realised that there is actually an ESP8266 board – so for the purposes of clarity I’m using ESP-01 boards… I really wish I’d gotten ESP-03 boards but then they are more expensive. Again for info all use same chip – the ESP-03 brings out more pins than the ESP-01 and there’s one out there that ONLY brings out serial in and out and is therefore fairly useless. I re-program the ESP-01 boards regularly for testing… but they only have ONE usable general purpose I/O pin – unless you are world class at soldering SMT chips.

So here’s something for those who like to experiment..

If we had a version of the board with all the pins available – so perhaps down 2 sides… and one of these little numbers powering them – the 3v3 version at 600ma… and Martin’s firmware or a variation – and a RELAY…. you have complete remote control – for… maybe £5 all in – now THAT is more like it.

Power supplies (I am warned elsewhere that these may not be to the best of standards and may have poor isolation so don’t plug them into anything expensive…)

One of the guys doing firmware has some board layouts – I think I’d want to do something on EAGLE (the free version would handle a board large enough)…


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