Espressif update and more

12:08PM – The AT command set for the ESP-01 – just a short update for you.  Espressif sent me another test package the morning, it SEEMS slightly better than yesterdays… to put that in perspective – the “busy s” message still appears – but seems to go away. I left my Android App on yesterday and though I had to wait a couple of seconds on the odd occasion, it never fell over – even overnight. I put the new software in this morning.. and it seems better. Still has the issue but just seems to be running better.

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a slight language problem as I keep reporting other issues, like the un-necessary control characters which you can’t even copy and paste out of the Arduino terminal screen… there’s just no point in having that stuff come out. They come back to me with improvements to the basic issue but NEVER respond on the others. I’m beginning to wonder if anyone actually understands what I’m on about.

Lua: I’ve also written to the fellow doing the LUA code.  If you look at it – the startup code you write occurs BEFORE the power up message… and I’m assuming BEFORE the radio is turned on – which kind of defeats the object….

So currently:

  • Frankenstein still ill/quiet
  • LUA startup issues
  • Web server waiting for router search fix
  • Espressif nearly there by the look of it
  • DIY – Life is too short to read all the compiler messages

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