Even more ESP8266 updates

06:45PM – The Frankenstein firmware is now back in action – Necromant says he’s still not feeling too well but that has not stopped him from doing some updates – check here.

Nothing new since this morning from Espressif – I always seem to hear from them in the morning… maybe time zones. I don’t think they’ve released the update I’ve seen but it is working. The “busy…s” has not entirely gone away but it’s better than a few days ago.

Nothing new on the web server. I’ll keep pushing as I’m sure will others to get that router search page to work properly.

Meanwhile the Lua high level language option is getting nearer, I’ve reported two issues,. one is with delays over 2 seconds – the other is with the power up function. In the right circumstances it works but mostly, re-instating status on power up has issues – the author is aware of this now, released an update this afternoon but it’s still buggy – but the good news is, there’s a software I2C option in there which means (I’ve not tested it yet) you should be able to control I2C devices from the 2 available I/O lines (I recommend trying the GPIO0 line as the clock as that NORMALLY has to be high. An external device sending it low would not be good).


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