Todays blog writing revelation

Like many people I write my blogs most of the time in Windows Live Writer (2012). It’s so good that most of the alternatives have just died away. If I was writing SHORT blogs then I could do this on any old tablet, but for me, my Windows PC and honking great keyboard are the most comfortable.

The problem is, Live writer development seemingly stopped at 2012. This is one of Microsoft’s better products and it could be SO much more but they’ve not done anything for a long time. I want indented paragraphs, time stamps and a host of other goodies.

Well, all that changed today when I discovered this little plug-in.  It’s called “Dynamic Template Plugin for Windows Live Writer.

I’m one of those old people who remembers the good old days of ASP programming, simple, quick, effective – an LO AND BEHOLD – this plugin has features that look remarkably like ASP to me! I fell in love straight away.

07:33AM – See that timestamp – that’s now a drop down item I can access any time… and the code behind it?

example of commands 

You don’t get any easier than this… there’s an editor inside the plugin so I created a new entry called “TimeStamp” and now that is available at the touch of a button. I’ve made paragraph indenting as well  – check this one out..

example of commands

It really doesn’t get any easier.Both quick and dirty and I will improve them but this just opens up a whole new world… all the features I want and I can add them myself. My first shot at embedded Google fonts is already looking good.



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