My Kingdom for Lua

Just done another test on the latest Telnet server for LUA for the ESP8266 – not working yet and the HEAP issue is still there. Meanwhile nothing from ESPRESSIF and nothing from the fellow who made the original web server.  Reading about Frankenstein code and that is still having issues from what I can tell – so no major breakthroughs as yet this weekend for the little board.

Update. Heap issue acknowledged – back to original developers – we can only hope they come up with a fix. Telnet software no longer causes the board to reboot – on the other hand it doesn’t seem to do anything either.

Meanwhile – Frankenstein issue – I’ve asked twice now what the control characters are for in his code – some kind of editing I guess.. no response yet and as far as I know there is no doc for that software.

Espressif have gone very quiet this weekend.


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