Another ESP8266 Ray of Hope

As I’ve been testing code for the ESP-01 boards, I’ve had a few false starts but this week the LUA implementation is getting so close,

Meanwhile, ESPRESSIF should have some updates on Friday but today’s conversation with ANDREW of FRANKENSTEIN fame has been the most interesting. He’s put some updates on there further to a discussion we’ve been having (you’ll see it in the relevant area on Github)  and that’s now coming along (use Putty to test, NOT Coolterm). His plan is for a transparent Serial <—> TCP/IP bridge which is exactly what I need for my own purposes – and if you think about it – a winner for internal comms between devices.  None of this is working yet but as you’ll see in the blog  – he’s onto it –  suggest getting in there and offering encouragement to both Andrew and Zeroday to get their code sorted… we could all win from this.

Meanwhile we’re looking at a little board design to harbour the ESP-01 with a half-decent regulator and level shifting… more on that when we get a prototype up.

I’m out of here until Friday now, short trip to Brussels to test some new EU Dispute Resolution software and test out my new Canon camera (if it’s not raining).

Feel free to follow me on Google+ if you want to see more stuff on home control etc.

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