The Tuesday ESP8266 Update

As of yesterday (Tuesday) there is a better version of the LUA software (see previous blog items here) but it still has serious memory issues – it’s not stopping me running a little controller from my phone – but there’s no way it would run for more than a few days without running out of memory – I’m fairly confident that will get fixed soon – the designer is fixing some and he’s contacted Espressif for others. Meanwhile the Frankenstein implementation is still far from complete ( but at least now he has a readme file which explains why the output always looked like crap to me – I was using the wrong terminal program! I think this one is still very much a work in progress.  Espressif themselves will be releasing an update of their AT command set software based on a version I’ve been testing – that comes out Friday.. so lots going on! Meanwhile my colleague has taken the plunge and ordered a short run of Atmega1284 boards with a socket for the WIFI units – talk about faith!

08:22AM Wednesday – Update on the Frankenstein code – it crashes at the drop of a hat. On the other hand the writer Andrew was quick to respond and will now fix the issue I had.


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