Weekend ESP8266

Early start this morning..   the LUA Interpreter which can help make the ESP8266 run stand-alone has been updated – but just minor fixes – so it will still have the memory leak issue I referred to in an earlier blog.

Meanwhile ESPRESSIF have been busy – yesterday they released a new version of the AT command set – but that had bugs – which I and others reported and about an hour ago, a version came out which seems to work. However they’ve still not documented where to put the BIN files and for a while a “user2.bin” file appeared which now seems to have gone.  I’m busy testing the code – but for those of you who are trying to compile your own in Windows – the code does not compile in the new CYGWIN environment – I have no idea if this new update  compiles in the Linux environments. Why would I be interested? Because there are no commands in there to talk to the ports and it really would be nice to be able to interrogate or set GPIO0 and GPIO2 for example.  I’ve noted also they’ve introduced a transparent TCP/IP – Serial link but only in one mode – that of server mode where the ESP8266 sets an address for the connection. To me, the LISTENER version would have been far more helpful – however, the updates SEEM to work – if you spot any bugs (please only in the latest version here do let us know in the blog.


3 thoughts on “Weekend ESP8266

  1. Hi Peter, when you say the updates seem to work, do you mean the busy s… issue is behaving itself? I am dying to get this thing working right. I have it running and every once in a while, for absolutely no reason that I can see, that damn busy s will kill everything. I am so tempted to have my ucontroller set a mosfet to recycle power just to be able to get out of the busy s mode, but that seems like a fail to me. I hope you have good news…

    Thanks again for keeping us all posted as to your progress with this!!! You are very persistent (thank God).

  2. Hi

    I mean it’s still there – but it doesn’t seem to lock up any more – as of last night’s version – and it has been replaced with a better one – I simply could not lock up my APP – I think the busy issue is now timing out – which means if you want to research it – you can probably wait for it – I just ignore it.

    I can state quite categorically that the latest version is NOT dying on me.

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