New ESP8266 Boards

tmpD6DFI don’t know WHAT happened there but a fellow by the name of AcmeUK just wrote a reply – and when I tried to look at it – I got a page not found – so – AcmeUK – thanks for that. What our friend wrote about is a new board for the ESP8266.

pricesThis looks just STUNNING as it has a combination of the internal aerial (assuming they’ve made it as effective as the one on the ESP-01 boards) and brought out all of the pins which means MORE TOYS!! The board is called MOD-WIFI-8266-DEV and they are EVEN threatening to bring out one with RELAY on it !!!

But there is a BIG flaw – as most of you will know you can get the ESP-01 for around £2.30 and the ESP-03 with all the pins at maybe £3.50 all in. So at 5.50 Euros they are TWICE the price of the ESP-01… but it gets worse – the airmail is HORRENDOUS and even at the CHEAPEST rate they want a grand total of 9.58 Euros for one off. Sorry guys, I won’t be rushing out any time soon to buy these.

At least one of their links about compiling code doesn’t work but not doubt that will get sorted. There is even a reference to Eagle CAD files – which means we could do our own if only we knew where to get the chip inexpensively (I’ve checked, I can’t find them) – but sadly THOSE links don’t work either.  I did try to leave some comments on their website but it just won’t accept them…Hmm. Maybe some more ESP-03 boards, eh?

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7 thoughts on “New ESP8266 Boards

  1. Actually by the time you get the memory chip (17p from ALI) and the various bits… it’s debatable…. probably NOT worth it – mind you having a board with the WIFI on it, a 328 or similar and a decent 3v3 reg and a relay…. I normally don’t consider the normal 328 as it’s too small, favouring the 1284, but I now have a demo 4 light switch/monitor app and as of tonight the code for the Arduino comes to 7k – and much of that is a VERY convoluted serial input searching/filtering routine to only pull in the bits I want with timeouts etc… If only the little cheap NANO had a decent 3v3 regulator on it…

    • Put something like an SD card & a TFT on your 328 and the libraries will soak up any spare memory. I thought you’d bought a Teensy 3.1?

      • Actually I don’t use 328 chips that much, I use the 1284 which is basically a 328 on steroids. Compatible, more pins, 128k Flash etc etc will take a boatload of libraries. I do have a Teensy 3.1 yes but we had a bunch of 1284 smt based boards made. But if all you want is a bunch of IO, some analog, software clock from Internet et a 328 should do the job.

        I’m working on the parser to take from WiFi and handle commands like OUT1,ON and PWM1,200. Etc

  2. If, ten or even five years ago, someone had offered us a programmable wifi interface solution for around US$15 each, delivered, we’d flip. Now… we’re spoiled, I think.

    I don’t exactly know how the Chinese suppliers can offer such low prices AND free postage. I suspect their government is subsidizing this to some extent with low-cost postage. It’s a win for the small experimenter like me.

    • Postage…. There is some arrangement below a certain amount. The post office guy told me about it. By the time you start ordering in bulk the situation changes. The chips are dirt cheap and PCB manufacture in China is REALLY cheap. I can get a pack of prototype boardsfor £12.. Our lot would charge much more than that for one off.

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