Christmas Post in Wark

tmp47A8Updated 4th December – The postman has been busy while I’ve been away on business. My ESP-03 arrived yesterday – I’ve made a sketch of the pin-out – and this morning I had a go at installing the LUA interpreter which just had an update late yesterday.

Meanwhile, a somewhat larger parcel arrived. Some time ago I entered a competition and won a DFROBOT Arduino board with Bluetooth – I have to say it looks very pretty but basically it’s an Arduino with Bluetooth and some drivers – I could not see any great merit and now it’s on Ebay.

The diagram to the left is correct as far as I can tell. It’s usual 3v3 to VCC, CH_PD to VCC and ground the GPIO0 line to program –

but in addition it seems you need to hold GPIO15 to ground in both modes. I’ve programmed up the ESP-03 and it operates pretty much as you’d expect from the other devices such as the ESP-01 – but of course – you have extra pins to play with.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Post in Wark

  1. I am curios if the following scenario is possible with any of the ESP8266 firmwares:

    I want to access the ESP8266 running a Webserver via a Browser to configure the WLAN settings.
    The same settings Page should have an additional text entry box to permanently store (even after power off) a string to the ESP8266 memory and i want to read this String with an Arduino connected over serial.

    Best regards

    • There is a basic webserver out there – look up esp8266 webserver – I think that to write a reasonable configuration system you’d likely have to have, say the ESP-01 and an Arduino or similar, using the AT command set and that would be able to act as an access point with a fair amount of configuration (static/dynamic addressing, change access point name etc). If you wrote your own then that would be easily do-able. Right now the software out there is fairly basic but then it is early days for this chip – the hardware is certainly up to it. Do make sure if you start doing any development that you use the latest firmware.

  2. You might be interested in a new ESP8266 variant just released by ElectroDragon (Wi07-12). Seems like they’ve brought out even more GPIOs. Here’s the description:

    “Wi07-12(new): The latest version with most hardware available resources on the boards, now it is 16 pins, including all 11 GPIOs, ADC, and 4 pins for setup (VCC, GND, CPEN, RST), but still not RTC and else. On board antenna and communication status LED. Also through holes available for wiring, more easy for prototyping.”

    And the link:

    • Thanks for the link – good stuff – it’s all down to cost – if you get up towards a tenner then there is plenty of competition, whereas the simple ESP-01 is the only game in town at that price break. What I WOULD like to see in there is built into the firmware the ability to go off and get the time and maintain it. I have the AT commands going off and getting the time from a PHP page but up to now have been unable to manage this with the Lua interpreter. With the time – and some timers one could perform miracles with the board along never mind with a host.

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