ESP8266 Serial Terminal Update

tmp9366This blog details a whole boatload of improvements to my serial terminal (now version 0.5) for Windows users (Windows XP not supported, sorry – blame .NET)

You could probably use the terminal for a whole range of things but basically I put this together for my own use. I’d started programming up ESP-01 WIFI modules and I was messing around with the Lua Interpreter (all links available in previous blogs).

I was also trying out AT commands as well and the existing serial terminals were driving me mad. In addition the Lua interpreter gets upset if you fire lines at it too quickly so I needed a delay between every line going out.

Playing around with the ESP8266 modules is great fun but while the firmware packages are still in their early state, it is vital to test code to death and without the right serial terminal this can get very tiring, very quickly. With the latest version of the terminal you can quickly save and load (also append) snippets of code from standard Windows text files or save in a scratchpad editor for copy and paste operations. There is also a small panel with autocomplete featuring often used Lua and AT commands.

Basic features:

  • Simple 2-panel serial terminal with selectable port, baud rate and line delay
  • Windows operation, familiar to millions
  • Pop up help
  • Lua-assisting feature to add writeline wrapper around functions once a file open has been declared (optional)
  • Clear buttons for both panels
  • Character indicators for both panels
  • Send block directly to serial bypassing the input panel
  • Connection indicator
  • Easy updating via my Dropbox link – always grab the latest version

What’s New:

  • New, larger input and output panels
  • File load, append and save
  • Non-volatile notepad for quickly saving snippets
  • Auto-clear destination window before sending more (optional)
  • Status indicators
  • Library of auto-complete help oriented to Lua and AT Command sets for ESP8266

Warranty and Support

For those who prefer Facebook to Google+ I’ve set up a page here – please like.


6 thoughts on “ESP8266 Serial Terminal Update

  1. Hi Peter,

    Your application directory (Dropbox) has alot of files listed. Is it possible to just zip up the relevant files as a single download?

    • Er, there should be a couple of files – and a directory under that.. this is just the standard output from Visual Studio, just grab the lot. As I’m doing this for a bit of fun and the files are saved in Dropbox when I do a compile, zipping them up every time would be an additional bit of work an I make constant updates – perhaps when the project is a little more mature I’ll add in a zip – unless anyone knows of a windows background program that will check a directory for changes and automatically create a zip file… hey, that’s not a bad idea…

      • Hi Peter,

        Thanks, got it working.

        A little suggestion for a code improvement. There are a few of types of double quotes

        0022 ” QUOTATION MARK
        • neutral (vertical), used as opening or closing
        quotation mark
        • preferred characters in English for paired
        quotation marks are 201C “  & 201D ”
        • 05F4 ״  is preferred for gershayim when writing
        → 02BA ʺ  modifier letter double prime
        → 030B $̋  combining double acute accent
        → 030E $̎  combining double vertical line above
        → 05F4 ״  hebrew punctuation gershayim
        → 2033 ″  double prime
        → 3003 〃  ditto mark

        The ESP8266 will only accept character 34, none of the other are recognised.

        Your blog contains the none ascii variant, so it’s not possible to cut and paste examples from your blog (and possibly others) into your editor, they will be rejected on upload.

        Can you automatically do a search and replace in your editor on upload of any non ascii quotes and replace them with the ascii 34 version?

        To see this in action, try pasting some code from your blog and use your tool to upload using your editor.

  2. Ok, if you would care to download again – I’ve put the ones in you suggested – replacing all with double quotes – I’m sure there’s a better way but basically this…

    InputTextbox.Text = InputTextbox.Text.Replace(ChrW(&H5F4), ChrW(34))

    etc. I’ve taken the usual example print(“hello”) in Word – which (and I should know better because Word has been a pain in the backside for web CMS systems for years) and punched that into the release of the terminal that you have and sure enough it messes up – tried it in the new version with your list of replacements and VOILA. Enjoy and if you think of any more necessary replacements don’t hesitate to let me know.

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