Micro Python for ESP8266

WAY, WAY too early to report on this but it seems there is  a project underway to get micro Python on the ESP8266. It does not yet support WIFI – which kind of defeats the object – but I thought I’d better put the link in for those interested… ultimately a high level language no matter what it is could be the making of this little chip. https://github.com/micropython/micropython/tree/master/esp8266


2 thoughts on “Micro Python for ESP8266

  1. Hello,

    I see that you are interested in 8266th.
    Maybe you know why the API design is so “strange”.
    AT command set is fine except “reading” data (+IPD).
    The reading process is initiated independently by 8266,
    forcing the application software to cache the entire transmission.

    In a typical scenario (Linux, Unix, Windows) server accepts connections and next
    “application” take connection (ACCEPT) and READ/WRITE to accepted data streams.
    Is it possible to add these commands (AT+ACCEPT and AT+READ) instead of +IPD?
    For now, I can’t ask such questions on Espressif BBS forum.
    I’m in the (long?) process of registering.
    Perhaps You know answer to my question.

    Henryk Szal

    • Hi

      I don’t know the answer to that question – but I have forwarded the question to my contact at Espressif and I’ll let you know if I get a response. They are generally pretty good.


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