Christmas Post, Serial Terminal, esp-hpptd and Souliss

tmpD797Lots happening today. Firstly one of you wrote in to say my serial terminal program was not handling WORD quotes too well (as often seen in blogs) – I should have known better, I’ve been designing CMS systems for years and WORD is always a pain in the ass to deal with – thanks to the reader who pointed this out – it is now fixed and you can get the ESP8266 Serial Terminal for Windows here. Just install over the old one if you already have it. While I was on – maybe it was a good night’s sleep – I remember all the things I remembered some of the lessons about simple design that I’d clearly forgotten when writing this (well to be fair this was my first stab at for a while)… and I’ve re-written the interface – you’ll find it cleaner, more room for important input and output, more fool proof and I’ve even added a progress bar.. because I could.

Then I received a parcel in the post from reader Danny, he sent me some bits from China for which I’m grateful including some little 3v3 regulator boards – handy in the circumstances and a handful of ESP-01 boards – which leads me to my next subject….

The little esp-httpd project promises a standalone board to turn something on and off – now that might not seem a lot of use but it could be a heating controller – and you could be talking to it from another board…. so the more ESP-01s we have the better!!  The software has apparently had some updates, sadly the author did not seem to be keen on showing a Windows user, new to GIT, how to access the files. I eventually figured it out – you end up installing a whole load of mods to Windows just to grab some files – and then of course there’s the issue of compiling under Windows. I have the Cygwin compiler setup but I could not convince the files to compile. That one’s on the back boiler for me.

Finally – Souliss – great project for Ethernet based Arduinos – lets you remote control any number of different things – but Ethernet cards are expensive and more’s the point – getting a cable to them can be a royal pain – wouldn’t it be great if someone could develop software for Arduino to handle the ESP8266 with this software!! I did speak to someone at Souliss who didn’t seem to hopeful about WIFI and Souliss working together but… you never know.


15 thoughts on “Christmas Post, Serial Terminal, esp-hpptd and Souliss

  1. Thanks for keeping everybody updated on these promising little boards! You also mention 3v3 regulator boards, could you please tell us which ones and where to get them? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for keeping everybody updated on these promising little boards! You also mention 3v3 regulator boards, could you please let us know which ones they are and where to get them? Thanks!

  3. Hi Peter

    Your Serial Terminal 0.7 is making my Lua exploration on the ESP8266 a lot easier… Thx 🙂

    While experimenting with “lhttpd.lua Port to ESP8266”, I’ve noticed that your program does
    not parse the ‘closed curly bracket } ‘ correctly, if it’s the 1st and only character on a line…?

    • Give me a link and an example I can paste into the editor and I’ll fix it. I’ve just added Arduino compatibility so the terminal can (optionally) reset Arduinos on connection.

  4. Hi John – do tell me – is there more info on that Lua webserver or is it just an experiment – anyway, you were absolutely right – Actually ANY single character on a line would have caused the same issue. I’d wrapped a try/catch around a substring check not realising that VB.NET doesnt like you doing substring searches in a string shorter than the search. Now suitably padded and no longer any need for the try/catch. Grab another copy, install – works. Feedback welcome.

  5. I found one of the guys less than helpful to Windows users who simply want to try this out so I gave it a miss. I’ve done a lot of work with the Lua interpreter and it’s very hard to stop it eating memory. For now I’ve just finished some Arduino code for a TCP/IP listener using the AT codes (original but latest Espressif code) and that works rock solidly – for days – so the next job is to try to use the AT codes and an Arduino to make a simple web server. I’m mainly interested in being able to have a setup page without having to poke code into the Arduino or ESP-01…

  6. Hi Peter,

    this is Dario from Souliss, I get your website from the referral to the Souliss one. Unfortunately the Wifi to Usart works ok only as IP client and not much as server, that’s why use them with Souliss isn’t an option at this time.

    What you have probably missed is the link below, because Ethernet is only an option. But you can build large network based on nRF24L01, RS485 and others having just one bridge to Ethernet to control via Android or openHAB the nodes.


    • Hi

      Thanks for that Dario – yes I realise that Souliss can be used with RS485 etc. I was a little worried that when I tried the RGB program for Arduino it seems to be fairly early in development. Many bugs including the brilliance levels changing the colour, brilliance not retained on power up, the colour wheel centre stays coloured when you turn the lights off and goes to black when you turn them back on, the music mode didn’t work at all and I had to reset the board. I think I may wait until such bugs are eliminated. The ESP-01 incidentally with the AT command set works well as both server and client now so it might be worth taking another look Great work on Souliss – I wish it success.

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