Programming the ESP8266 with NODEMCU in Windows

tmp723CI’ve used a few programs to set up ESP8266 boards – mostly requiring you install something special – but this is the most polished to date (but not the fastest. Here’s the link – grab the ZIP file and in my case the 64-bit EXE worked- some will need the 32-bit version – both in there. No setup, nothing – just runs. You tell it the port you are after – in the config area you tell it which file or files you need…and it does a nice job of blowing the file into your ESP-01 or whatever board you are using.  I THINK it is slower than ESP-FLASHER – but the latter chucks out a load of un-necessary and confusing stuff including things it can’t find. This is a nicer experience.


5 thoughts on “Programming the ESP8266 with NODEMCU in Windows

    • Well spotted – I’ve fixed the original post. I’m looking to improving the serial terminal a little – went off to Visual Studio to gets some icons – and they’re not there – in the middle of a 300 meg download from Microsoft right now!!

  1. Sorry for the noob question, but is this the software you recommend to flash the bin files from Espressif, meaning the “AT” bin files?

  2. Hi Peter, Really interested in your work.
    I’m wondering if i could connect (hopefully) directly these wifi modules to a serial BLE module, like this one :

    I’m then hoping a simple “lua script” on the ESP8266 could send the required AT commands to the BLE module in order to initialise it and then just pass all the BLE’s output back over the wifi.
    – a fuller explanation on what the hell im trying to do is posted here:

    Thanks again for your work!

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