ESP-12 – The Shielded ESP8266

tmpF12DThere is no way on earth these new ESP-12s can be 0.1” spacings.. the aerial would have to be too big… does anyone have one of these (don’t confuse with other models….)

I kind of like the fact it’s in a shielded tin! The only place I’ve seen them up to now is Ali Express – below.. $3.45 according to Google is around £2.20 which is similar to the price of the ESP-01 – and if that’s the case.. why are we buying ESP-01s when these have all those pins to play with?

I’ve sent off for one to give it a go – at least if it’s 0.05” centres we can put thin wires through them as against the half-hole 03 which I found a pain in the bum to wire up.


11 thoughts on “ESP-12 – The Shielded ESP8266

  1. Hi Peter

    If you look at this$_57.JPG it shows this ESP-12 is a 16 pin device on 2mm pitch.

    Previously I have referred you to which shows the ESP-12 as a 18 pin device on a 2.54mm pitch.

    Why there are 2 different versions of the ESP-12, who knows!

    I believe that the device you are purchasing is the 16 pin device.

    It looks as though we all need to be sure which variant of the ESP-12 we are purchasing.

  2. @AcmeUK is a german design.
    they sell it from Germany and changed the name to ESP-ADC (as there is already an ESP-12)
    It has 2.54mm pitch

    There is also a new Module “like the ESP07 with an ESP12-Pinout” with ceramic antenna + antenna connector.
    It’s 2.00mm pitch size. I send you a picture through FB.
    I think the ESP-12 is the same as they have the same pinout like the module i got from china 2 days ago.

    • I just received a few of each (ESP-12 and ESP-07 variant) and they are both the 16 pin type using this pinout:

      The holes are nice… I save my wire clippings from thru-hole 1/8w resistor mountings and they fit nicely in the holes.

      • I’m getting excited now for two reasons – firstly you’ve confirmed that the ESP-12 are going to be winners – why is that? Well, with 0.1″ spacing that makes them quite useful for prototyping as against the ESP-03 who’s pin spacing is awful – and secondly because they are shielded, which some may find useful from a CE perspective – others may find useful as they’ll be less likely to pick up rubbish from the rest of the circuit.

        No, I have THREE reasons to be excited – after a day of frustration I’ve finally managed to get rock-solid performance out of my ESP-01 boards – I can feel a blog coming on… watch this space. Goodluck with your ESP-12 and ESP-07s and let us know if you discover any quirks.

      • I also received bunch of 07 and 12s but I am having hard time with to flash. Not sure as document/info are hard to find. ESP-01 takes about 3-5 tries (due to using VMs and USB on MAC) but I can flash consistently. Please let me know if you were able to get them working. I also noticed that ESP-12 is bit unstable….I am using 500mA AC 120V to DC 5V converter then 5V to 3.3V. Works fine with three ESP-01s but not with one ESP-12. I added a small capacitor to 3.3 output and noticed that power stabilized from 3.2v to 3.3v. Soldering it much easier with 2.0mm header/cables.

    • Yes a nice looking manual – but the ESP board it refers to is called an ESP8266 – I’m not sure there is such a board.. it would be nice if it showed which of the variants it was referring to and which version of the AT Command set it was documenting…

  3. The board in the manual is actually an ESP-03 AFAIK. I sent the guy a message requesting info on the firmware version his manual is based on. Also I got the units I received working. They have F/W.

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