Something New

tmp160CYou may recall I sent off a little while ago to China for some 3v3 power supplies to power the ESP8266 boards with (the link is in the blog). Well, they turned up this morning and while I’d never want it to be said that I didn’t think they were dangerous – they LOOK dangerous – on the other hand as long as everything is insulated and you’re not planning on touching anything – these are CHEAP and  these worth checking out on Ebay. Shown over on the left next to an ESP-01 board, they are really small and would make for pretty good plug-in-the-wall gadgets along with the ESP-01 and a suitable relay?

ESP-01 prototypingMeanwhile the next gadget is a prototyping adaptor from FREETRONICS and I have to say it looks pretty good – notice the sizeable 3v3 regulator.  I’ve plugged in an ESP-01 and underneath there is a decoupling cap. There is a level shifter, lots of links for options and basically you’re looking at an Arduino shield for testing out your ESP-01 boards – LOVELY!

Freetronics have a load of little boards like this and so it’s worth a trip to their site.

And with that once again I’m pretty much out of time until the weekend due to endless meetings.


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