Thought of the day… an ESP8266 FTDI

Most of us who program Arduinos, clones and suchlike, at some point or another use an FDTI – a simple device that converts your PCs USB to 5v serial – and with the help of an extra line that can reset and Arduino, serially programs them. But then the time comes when the project is out in the field and you wish you didn’t have to drag the laptop all the way over to do an update.

But now we have the ESP-01 – it has 5v serial in and out and it has a control line spare.  What a nice Christmas present it would be if some kind developer made a WIFI FDTI. For under £3 you could plug this into your remote Arduino or clone project and via a simple web page (preferably with a password) you could upload from your PC to the device no matter where it was (as long as it’s in a location with WIFI) and update it remotely.

Wouldn’t that be nice?


5 thoughts on “Thought of the day… an ESP8266 FTDI

    • I got very excited there for a moment – then I realised the GIT information was merely a mod to the source. It seems once again we have someone who assumes that everyone is able to compile the code. Are you aware of binaries for this by any chance? (the second example) – this really would be useful.


    • Sorry, you asked the bins for the 2nd example, not the first. No, I don’t have.
      But as I understood the project of the first link (mod) is more practical.
      In the 2nd link (original project) the ESP act as a client and connects to a router. On the other hand, in the first link the ESP act as a server and your laptop is the client. You just need to connect to that WiFi network in order to upload the code.

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