My New Board

tmp1060Ok, I’ll grant you it LOOKS hand soldered.. and the LEDS are slightly too small for my eyesight – but the INTERFACE board worked first time.

This is an interface I put together to handle coming from a normal 5v FTDI – to the 3v3 ESP-01 board, complete with a pair of level-shifting resistors (for serial in), caps for the 3v3 regulator and a couple of series tmpBB9Bresistors for the LEDs. Worked first time. This is going to make life a little easier than having bits of wire all over the place.  Not sure what happened to that GROUND indicator on the 6 way connector though…

Budding PCB designers – note the holes for the regulator to get the heat away to the other side which has a nice copper area.  Over on the right – my ESP-12 turned up – it’s very pretty, it’s nice and shielded, it has the same wiggly aerial as the ESP-01 – but I CAN confirm that it is NOT 0.1” spacing – which is something of a pain in the bum. I’ll be testing it over the Christmas sometime.


8 thoughts on “My New Board

  1. Hi Peter

    Good to see that your ESP-12 has arrived, now you are all fixed for Xmas .

    The ESP-12 has the silly 2mm pin spacing. Originally I pointed you to a device called ESP-12 that had 0.1in pin spacing.

    This was from a German developer. He has since been taken to task on the ESP8266 Forum for designating his device ESP-12!

    I believe that he is now calling it the ESP-ADC recognising that it has that pin available.

    Wishing you the all the best for the New Year.


  2. Peter
    I have just had another look at the pin out of the “Official” ESP-12 and see that it has an ADC pin. So not sure what the other variant offers!

  3. Any chance you’re no longer using your custom ESP-01 Dev board? I’ll buy it off you!! I am surprised no one has put together a dev kit similar to that for the NodeMCU 0.9 with the multiples on the pin exposures. VERY HELPFUL!

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