ESP-12 Prototyping Board

There’s a prototyping board out there quite cheap – and on the surface it looks like a good deal – it APPEARS to include the ESP-12 – so overall amazing – but looking at the description either the person writing it had really bad English skills or doesn’t actually understand what is being sold – I certainly am unsure what you get for the money. But here’s the thing – the regulator looks to ME to be too small.  The LEDS look to me as it they are permanently wired… erm what if you wanted to use the pins as inputs? and it’s kind of big. GREAT IDEA though.

Here’s my idea for a board – and remember you could make this up in Eagle or similar and have them made in China for next to nothing.. I mean if you had half a dozen ESP-12s it’s surely worth considering it you’re a dab hand with a soldering iron?


So what we have here is the ESP-12 on the left with 0.1” connectors to either side as the ESP-12 comes with 2mm connectors – not exactly conducive to prototyping.  I’d then put a suitable number of LEDS on the right complete with series 2k2 resistors and a 2 way 0.1” header for each so they could be enabled with a simple header (or link if you’re really cheap).  In addition I’d want a pullup and link for programming and a couple of resistors to divide the input to the UART from 5v to 3v3 (try 1k2 and 560r for example) for the FTDI connector over on the right.  I’d use the 1amp 3v3 reg with decouplers… and a power led and resistor bottom right.

Ok, I’m sure to have missed something out… but you get the general idea. There’s even room there for a couple of mounting holes…. all of this could be done on the free EAGLE package (I think it lets you do up to 100mm square) and sent off to China for one of those $15 for 10 prototype deals…  ok this is really only suitable for those who are familiar with a soldering iron but I’m thinking it might be a reasonable attempt at a design for a test board ot let you play with the units with standard 0.1” headers, FTDI, test leads etc. the cost of the parts is very little. 2k2 series resistors, 1k2 and 560 for the divider, 0.1u for decouplers…

Seem reasonable? If anyone turns this into a set of boards, Happy Christmas, be sure to send me one for my lone ESP-12.


7 thoughts on “ESP-12 Prototyping Board

    • Hi Sameh

      The board looks interesting, the price is OK but Ali are kidding when it comes to postage which is more expensive than the product. Maybe look elsewhere,? I have yet to give the ESP-12 a good hammerin. Sometime in the next few days once party season is over…

  1. Hi Peter –

    You might be interested in a new board from NodeMCU shown here: It’s using an ESP-12 module and is currently available now through Taoboa for ~39 Yaun (or ~$6.50). I guess they’re working on getting a US re-seller for the board and wouldn’t be suprised if they target the UK/Europe as well. Anyway, it seemed to be a close approximation for what you’re looking for. If the re-seller can keep the price low, I might have to pick up a couple. Sure solves the 2mm -> 2.54 mm bread-boarding problem in a convenient package.


  2. Hi Glenn

    I think it looks NICE – and for many I think it might be a GREAT thing to have and thanks for bringing that to people’s attention.

    But two things..

    1. I think for me I have my little dev board that plugs into FTDIs which I and others already have – so from that perspective I won’t rush out and buy one..
    2. WAY more important -do you happen to notice on the link you send – the DIAGRAM – that’s GREAT – that’s the kind of CLEAR diagrams we all need.
    3. Scrap comment 1 – I just realised it’s open source …. and with Gerbers… thanks to DIRTY PCS in China we can have these for almost no money – right – I’m onto it.

    Now If I can just convince ESPRESSIF to part with an up to date manual for the latest SDK!!!! I’m trying – believe me.

  3. Got this in the mail today but still cant find good documintation on how to get it up and running. No info but just a pinout i found.

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