ESP8266 More Christmas Goodness

News:  There is an SDK beta at 0.9.5 out…

There is also a new AT beta with buffered output and a CTS pin (yes, REALLY needed) – but as it’s beta I’l leave you to find all of that at the Expressif BBS site below..

timeBut here’s the more interesting one

I just grabbed the AT binaries based on 0.9.4 with NTP support added – hell of a lot faster than my website interrogation!!

Set the board up – do AT+CIPNTP=0

(where 0 is no offset from GMT – if you’re in the UK – adjust accordingly)…

Assuming it comes back to say it sorted it – (I HAVE asked if we can have “OK” or “ERROR” on the end)  use AT+CIPNTP? to get the time and date.

A good move forward – NOT tested the rest of the code as it’s Christmas and we’re now off to see the family – enjoy.


4 thoughts on “ESP8266 More Christmas Goodness

  1. I tried to upload 0.9.4 but it seemed to be not enough bytes.
    The two files: -> 0x0000 -> 0x40000
    seems to be missing the rest of the flash.

    Any ideas how to get a complete bin file.


  2. Hi Peter,

    Did you ever get past the DNS resolving issues with the NTP firmware? I can not resolve the time servers at all.

    I have a project where getting good time is needed. Other than grab the date\time from an HTML header I am not sure what the best approach is.

    Thanks for all posts you have put out… They have helped me a lot with my learning.

    Best Regards,


    • In my blogs there are two solutions – there’s an AT command version which includes NTP – and that works – and also my own solution of a PHP page on any old cheap/free provider that gets the time – and also lighting up times – and returns an extremely simple web page with nothing more than that information wrapped in something easy to trip like {} Both work now …..make sure you have latest software.

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