NODEMCU Board–a little winner

I think this has chance to be a little winner – in many respects. The NOCEMCU guys have made an open source board for ESP8266 that looks the business and should let more people experiment with this great chip – between that and AT LAST getting a proper Windows environment to program in (Eclipse) things are moving along nicely – I hope they don’t mind me replicating one of their diagrams here but it’s so good it deserves an airing – the numbering of course refers to their board but you should be able to cross link with the pins on other boards – here’s an excellent pictorial view of the ESP8266. NOW we can see for example that GPIO-16 is the wakeup lead – tied to RESET (RST) it can enable putting the thing to sleep for ages and saving power.. etc.. anyway you have the link to the site….I’m not promoting that over anything else and no they’ve not sent me a free sample. – my thanks to GLENN for this information – well spotted.

ESP8266 Development Board


11 thoughts on “NODEMCU Board–a little winner

  1. I’m interested in trying one of these boards, but from what I could read it’s only available in china atm. I hope they start selling them via ebay, along with a supply of ESP-12 would be good.

    Looking forward to more developments.

      • That is a great idea. Maybe I can get them made by OSHPark.
        Would you say the ESP-12 is the best module to get at this point? I haven’t bought any yet (tankfully, as I almost bought 2 ESP-01 Rev1!) and came across your blog looking for more info on the modules. I use arduino (or Atmels.. AtTiny, etc..) but I’m interested in using the module standalone for basic sensors like Temp and Humidity.

  2. I heard back from the NodeMCU developers that there are plans in the works to secure a US agent/distributor (wouldn’t be surprised if they plan the same for UK/Europe) in the near future so it would be easier to get these boards. Also, I asked Electrodragon if they’d be interested in distributing these boards and they seemed very interested . . . suggested they may be available through them in about a weeks time. Likely it won’t be long before those of us outside of China can get these boards easily. The next question will be the cost . . . 😉 Let’s hope they’re affordable like the modules themselves.


  3. I cannot claim to know if the range of the ESP-12 is as good as the ESP-01 – but it’s a simple trade off – the ESP-01 is cheap, works well but in order to use sleep mode which means tying GPIO16 to reset, you’d have to be a soldering grand master as you have to do it on the chip. With ESP-12, both those connections and others are brought out to the connectors – but the chip is a little dearer and less widely available.

    • That’s too much IMO. I’m checking with OSH Park to make the board, and it would cost under $12 for 3 boards. Even if you add the parts for one board, it’ll still be under $20. I’ll post an update when I hear back from OSH Park. The multiple drill files in the gerbers is causing an issue, but I’m sure they can fix that.

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