7 thoughts on “Cheap ESP07 and adaptors much cheapness

  1. Good prices. I wonder whether your link two really does come with PCB and headers. That really would be a good offer. It is not mentioned in the product description though is listed separately for 44 cents (as part of a 5 piece lot) so maybe. I was just about to but some ESP-03s from ebay from your previous link but am now tempted to get some 07s or 12s with the extra couple of GPIs and even cheaper!!! I have laready decided to not use the 01 I bought as a bridge to my heating controller (arduino) but instead build the controller directly into one of these beauties. Thanks for blogging on this subject. It has opened my eyes. If only espressif would provide a little more documentation and be a little more consistent and accurate. I’m not sure whether their esp_iot_rtos_sdk is an alternative to, or a replacement of their SDK.

    • Well I have to say that lack of decent documentation will be holding people back – but I don’t think you’re talking about a large team here. If you ask them and then sign an NDA as I have, you’ll get more info – not a lot though as most of it is out there all over the place. Personally I think they’ve done this all wrong, it would be better if they put the whole lot in one place online, not as PDFs but as interactive, searchable info that they kept up to date along with the software links and an active discussion group. I think they would get brand loyalty that way and we’d spend less time guessing how to do things. My blog is extremely popular simply because I am, I guess a typical enthusiastic user and I don’t understand everything. I go out of my way to get info and pass that info onto others. It should be Espressif who are doing this as surely no-one understands their product more than they do. Thanks to the work of others their product is going to appear in just about everything before long and they will benefit more than anyone else from ensuring that info is up to date.

      For now we have to do this ourselves – your response is already valuable – so are you saying that the 0.9.5 update is definitely worth using and solves problems you’ve had elsewhere?

    • Just received my 5 ESP-12 modules _with_ PCB and 0.1″ headers – hooray! I notice that your link now opens a product without the PCB though ;-(. I will solder one up and try to port my Arduino code to it. Such a neat little thing! Note: The PCB has surface mount style solder pads, so you need to be confident with surface mount soldering to use them. I will probably mount one board for breadboading then just wire any deployed project boards directly.

  2. The ESP-12 + Adapter is now also available with free shipping on Weebay:-


    (or do a search in all categories for “esp-12”).

    I notice someone published an adapter board for the ESP-03 on oshpark.com shared
    projects on Nov 27th (but the pin alignment on the headers looks a bit wobbly). No ESP-12
    adapter that I can find …yet.

    SDK:- Compiled a very slightly modified version of Martin Harizonov’s MQTT-based OLED
    project using the 0.9.5_B1 SDK and it solved all of the restart problems I’ve been seeing
    up until now (where the lack of ARP broadcasts meant the rebooted ESP-03 just sat there
    in splendid isolation until I manually added an entry for it into the ARP table on the server
    …a problem which is -not- specific to MQTT, BTW). Of course, I had to fudge the Makefile
    to pull in the missing includes and libraries from the RTOS SDK… What is it with Espressif
    and their semi-incremental SDK updates? Are they actively trying to discourage people
    from using their parts?


  3. Hi, your blog is very interesting. I never knew about these micro-controllers but they definitely look very good and seem to promise quite a bit of fun. I was poking around on ebay and found these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ESP8266-Serial-Port-WIFI-Wireless-Transceiver-Send-Receive-Module-IO-Lead-Out-/301436601497?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&var=&hash=item8bc9dde403 have you seen them before? seem to be the same micro but in a more friendly board for tinkering.

    • Well actually not only are you right (though you’re paying £1 more for the privilege) but thanks to your message I went looking to see if I could drop the price and stumbled across this.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ESP8266-Serial-Wireless-Wifi-Module-Develop-Board-8266-SDK-Development-Chip-/301475108343?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&var=&hash=item46315115f7

      Note the mains relay, the FTDI interface, the regulator and the DHT11 – this actually has everything I want on one board for my thermostat (aside from replacing the DHT1 with the way superior DHT22). I was thinking about it this morning when the power went off – and hence the Internet went off – if I can power one of these things up working on MQTT – I can send it the time every now and on/off times and the goal temperature and let it get on controlling the heating – if the broadband gets knocked out – it won’t matter. Hmm, well I’ve placed the order – watch this space in a couple of weeks time. Just need to get to grips with putting stuff in FLASH – none of the guys who write stuff for the ESP-11 ever tell us what FLASH they’ve used and hence where to store our variables..

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