OpenHab and MQTT

Well, the first part of that was easier than I was expecting..

I installed OpenHab on my PC – told it about my MQTT broker…  which I’m calling “petebroker”

Added in these three lines from an example…


I used the openhab demo as I’ve never used the package before…

If I use a separate mqtt client (MQTT-SPY) subscribed to


For example.. I can see the ON and OFF commands from OpenHab – so clearly the MQTT is working. All the commands in the demo are producing MQTT messages..


But – I haven’t the FOGGIEST idea of what topic and message to send BACK to Openhab to, say activate the little indicator  on the bathroom mirror icon. I’ve tried combinations such as


and the message ON -  nothing – zilch. Can anyone put me out of my misery.

Oh just to prove it worked – I set my little ESP-12 up to subscribe to the bathroom mirror – and toggle GPIO2 accordingly – and it worked straight away!!! No problem – stick a relay on there and we’re in business (JUSt had delivery of a couple of solid state relays which claim to work from 3v upwards and control 2amps at 250v)  – but I really need to understand information in the other direction. Any Openhab wizards out there?

4 thoughts on “OpenHab and MQTT

  1. This happens to me a lot.

    Node-Red – that sounds interesting I thought – so off I went to to get it – simple enough – download a package to the desktop. Nope – no installer – so off I went to the web. It turns out you need node.js (as if everyone is familiar with that).. so I installed node.js. All done. It doesn’t actually say you have to open a dos box. More assumotions. I opened a DOS box – and ran “npm install”.

    I have no idea what “npm” is – but I ran that. It stopped immediately as it could not find a directory called c:\users\peter\appdata\roaming\npm. I went back on the web and someone suggested merely creating that manually – I did that and started again – this time piles of stuff came up – it all seemed to be going smoothly until a large block of red text appeared in the middle of a HORRENDOUS amount of command line guff- saying I needed to install visual studio 2010 tools. Of course by now I didn’t know if you had to start all over, wipe the existing installation or what. Mattered not as a search for “visual studio 2010 tools” didn’t produce any easy answers.

    I watched a video about node-red and I have to say – it does look fascinating – but I do wish people would pay more attention to detail when suggesting people go off and try things (I’m not referring to Doreas who did a fine thing bringing this to our attention – but the guys who make the websites with the installation materials). Our friend who made the Eclipse environment for us has done a CRACKING job – no doubt about it – every detail is there – except not – there’s an assumption that everyone has Python27 installed on their PC. Even then – once one ends up with a complete development environment that compiles the AT demo perfectly – we’ve now played with 4 Windows machines, trying to get the LUA implementation to compile – each machine has a separate reason why it won’t compile and only one of them will.

    Is anyone out there aware of a one-stop installation for node-red? Right now I’ve filled up more space on my hard drive and have no idea how to proceed further.

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