Hi there and thank you for looking into Scargill’s Tech blog.

Peter Scargill - A long time agoI’m Peter Scargill – I live with my wife Maureen in the village of Wark in Northumberland (UK) and also in our home in Galera, Andalucia. A gadget freak by nature I spend much of my (in short supply) spare time checking out the latest add-ins for my PC and tablets – and tinkering with electronics (I’ve been doing that since I was tiny and then via a career in electronics).

For a living I do lots of things – I do electronics development work in my R&D company Willow Design as well as offering social media integration, design and infrastructure consultancy.  I have a vast number of years experience not only in more than one of my own small IT businesses but also with 13 years as National IT Chairman and a director of the FSB – the UK’s leading business support and lobbying organisation. I also chair the Communications group in that organisation and am involved in many aspects of social media and technology accordingly.  In a nutshell that gives me a broad-brush knowledge of small business while keeping as far as it possible today, up to date with general IT and electronics.

With my wife I run a family holiday cottage rental called Hollyberry Cottage. I spend some of my time working from home and also much of it in Blackpool, London or travelling overseas – I am also vice-chairman of an EU group called ESCO and meet bi-monthly with colleagues from around Europe,  in Brussels. For many years I did development design work using Microchip’s PIC series of chips but now I’m a committed Atmel convert – making my own variations of the “Arduino” style boards and the associated ATMEGA chips – you’ll see a lot of stuff in here on that subject and anything else I’m interested in at the time. Heavily into what is now called “The Internet of Things” and have been since long before the phrase was discovered by the press. If you want to know more about me visit my other blogs such as scargill.net and bedrock.es – I’ve a kind of evolving online CV as well.

Always on the lookout for something new.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. This may be a “long shot”. But…
    My name is Barry Nichols & I think think that there’s a good chance that I am one of your relatives.
    My mom (Mary Scargill/ Pollard) married my father (Gilbert Nichols) just after WWII where they met in England. (Both are deceased now.) I know she told me that her father was a cobbler in a downstairs shop. And that their family lived upstairs. She had an auntie Mary & an auntie Laura she referred to frequently. Her father was Frank I’m told.And there is an uncle Roy?
    I recently started investigating my family,s heritage. And I am told that those roots go back to the Scargill castle & Poor Richard’s Almanac??? Her grandfather was a “schoolmaster”.
    I’m sorry that I have very little to go back on as they are both now deceased. But I saw your great posting & I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’m sorry if I am wrong. But at age 58 I would like to leave my 4 children with a clearer legacy.

    Please feel free to contact me at: barrynichols97@yahoo.com
    my phone is (in USA) 503-933-3799.
    Thank you & God bless you & your family!!!

  2. Sorry can’t help Barry, don’t recognise any of those names. One of my regrets at a similar age to you (though I’m not hung up on it, just something I’d like to have done) is that I didn’t ask my mom and dad a LOT more questions about family history when they were alive (well, when people are alive you think they’re going to live forever)…. I’ve few relatives (on my side of the family) and we’ve never been that close-knit so there really is no-one to ask. Other than the stuff I’ve accumulated in the history section of http://www.scargill.net I’ve not much else to help you with.

  3. Hello Peter. Nice blog!
    Did you manage to get RF24Network working in Atmel Studio? I am working on an open source robotics platform and I am trying to run RF24Network over my RTOS in Atmel Studio, but still no success. Regards.

  4. Hello Peter,

    nice blog with huge amount of information. Thank you! Can you help with the “Samsung S6D02A1-based LCD colour display and Arduino”? I tried out everything you wrote and I used the librarys provided by you but it does´nt lead to succsess. Could you provide the librarys and the font files that are working well as shown in your video per mail? Maybe the *.ino file as whell?

    Cheers, Mario


  5. Thanks for a great BLOG! Just starting out in electronics or is it now called “Internet of Things”?
    Went from Raspberry Pi to Arduino to ESP8266 in less than a month while the stuff is still shipping from China 😉
    So keen to see which one I’ll eventually end up using (Raspberry Pi is used for video stuff, which the others just can’t handle).

    So keen to see where this ESP8266 saga goes. Would be great to have a $3-5 Wifi enabled microcontroller that just needs an attached battery.

    Cheers Oliver

    • The press have latched onto the quite old phrase “Internet of things” and will no doubt bore is to death with it until they find something else to talk about. The 3 dollars processor needing just a battery is already here but I suggest a very big battery.

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