IOS 6.01

By Peter Scargill

IOS 6.01There was a time when Apple updates were awaited eagerly by millions, constantly checking to see when they were ready…. how things change.

I was sitting near the phone this morning when a message popped up to say that IOS 6.01 was available. I pressed a couple of buttons and forgot all about it. 20 minutes later I checked the phone and one could be forgiven for thinking it had not done anything… it is updated ok but with no visible changes.

I’ve kind of gone off IOS recently because Ice-Cream Sandwich (Android) is coming along nicely, particularly since the latest updates and it’s just more “fun” – even the once-naff Android Market (today referred to as Google Play) has some pretty good stuff now including a decent PDF reader. One of my biggest gripes about IOS remains – the WIFI is not very good – if you have more than one access point in your office or home, IOS seems incapable of automatically selecting the best as you move back and forth between access points. Now, don’t get me wrong, Android is no better – but there’s a free App for that in the case of the latter. There is no such thing for IOS.

Well, not much has changed with the new update, the screens look the same, the WIFI still doesn’t select the best option and indeed looking through the list of fixes that they’ve done – I don’t know anyone that suffered from the few problems cited as the reason for the update.

So pretty much a non-event, the whole update happened without interaction and everything works a treat – but such a far cry from the kind of updates we’re seeing in Android and indeed elsewhere. Is it any reason that people are picking the likes of the Samsung S3..

Come on Apple, give your existing users something new and exciting for a change.

IOS 4.3 is Here–Speed up your iPhone

Somewhat earlier than expected, Apple’s latest IOS release is up and running – simply head off to iTunes to grab the software and update your i-device.

Upgrading the iPhone 3GS was simple – a matter of a few minutes download and off we go. Despite some issues with a cheap Chinese cable I bought, the upgrade went quite smoothly – all sorts of drivers being loaded and resets being done completely automatically in the background… I just went off for coffee and let it get on with it.

The software upgrade allows you (at last) to play videos and imagery on Apple TV directly from the iPhone. The setup is amazing – once upgraded, all your videos, pics and tunes on your iTunes computer are immediately available on your iPad or iPhone etc… and typically Apple – it just WORKS…

The browser has been speeded up thanks to the new “Nitro Javascript Engine” and it’s claimed that this alone doubles browser speeds –though that of course will all depends on whether your target website is making heavy use of Javascript – many do. The hated change to the mute button now allows users to select whether they want to use that button for muting or rotation control…  and apparently iPhone 4 can now serve up WIFI to other devices-  though no mention of  the 3GS – BUT this DOES APPEAR TO WORK over Bluetooth and USB on the iPhone 3GS which is interesting. No idea why you can’t do this over WIFI on the 3GS as that facility was built in from day one but Orange wanted to charge extra for it!

Similarly iPad – the upgrade just works…  video quality from videos on your PC iTunes setup is amazing.  So – for free, faster iPhones and iPads – can’t be bad!


Peter Scargill

p.s. I don’t recommend this but I didn’t go through any lengthy backup procedures and all worked well regardless. Upgrading the phone and iPad each took all of 15 minutes from start to finish with virtually no interaction required. So why are you waiting.. go get IOS 4.3 now!