Jailbreak iPhone 3GS (later model) with IOS 4.3.2

I’ve been thinking about this for some time as I really can’t handle Orange’s restrictive practices on using WIFI.  For many years I owned various Microsoft Smartphones, paying maybe £30 a month to Orange – and with the ability to share the 3G connection with my laptop – then along came the iPhone – and all of a sudden despite paying slightly MORE monthly, this becomes a CHARGEABLE item! That’s just not right.tmp58C2

Anyway, the iPhone 3GS is now 18 month old, got a few months left before considering when to upgrade and what to upgrade to.. and so I thought I’d give it a go.

Redsn0w ( http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ ) will jailbreak all but the iPad2 and so I downloaded the program to my Windows 7 PC after much reading on the subject. Well, of course it didn’t’ work – turns out you need to use it in XP SP3 compatible mode-  a simply right-click option.

Minutes later, one jailbroken iPhone – it really is that simple – note the new icon in the photo on the right – except – that Cydia, the repository for jailbroken apps – is currently having issues with Amazon who provide their storage… basically for now it’s bust.  so now I have to wait patiently, not something I do well, for them to get their act together so I can go and grab the relevant software to make my phone, once more into a handy source of signal for the iPad and laptop when on the road.

Of course, I have a MIFI unit which provides WIFI access – but that’s on THREE – and there are believe it or not times when Orange’s signal is the stronger.. so hopefully soon I’ll have the best of both worlds. More when Cydia is NOT bust.