Brain Control? Science Fiction?


This is so impressive. We might not have colonies on the moon but the 21st century isn’t doing so bad up to now… if only we could manage climate control as well…

Strings and Superstrings

Peter ScargillI’ve always had an interest in this subject… Superstring theory attempts to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics.. and though ridiculed in it’s early days now has sufficient credibility that we’re spending large sums of money on colliders to try to find evidence of the other 6 dimensions (in addition to the existing 3 and time) that the theory requires.

All of this is great stuff but giving the layman an idea of how this all works is not easy and I continually find writers that just can’t help going into technal jargon with the result that ordinary readers are turned off.

Anyway, I stumbled across 3-hours worth of VERY interesting TV (in 3 sections) – if you want to understand more about how possibly everything works – here’s a good start.

I watched the videos – then realising they were not quite up to date then read the “conversation with Brian Greene”… then went off here…

I would not say I’m entirely happy that science even in the 21st century does not have all the answers – but these guys are doing sterling work. In an earlier blog I linked to a site which attempts to give you some mental image of multiple dimensions – it’s here..